AI Initiatives at 10x less Cost with a Fractional CTO
Execuro matches scaling businesses with experienced fractional CTOs specializing in AI who can step in quickly and drive your AI projects to success closing hiring within days.
Our Fractional CTO (AI) offer
  • AI Expertise
    Bringing specialized AI expertise and up-to-date knowledge, ensuring the AI strategy is innovative and robust.
  • Addressing Integrations
    Insights on implementation, and helping to navigate technical and integration challenges efficiently.
  • AI in Product Roadmap
    Incorporate AI into your product roadmap without missing on promises to your customers
  • AI Midset
    Aiding in change management and fostering an AI-ready culture within the organization.
  • Expertise on-demand
    Offering a cost-effective way to access top expert advice and guidance without the need for a full-time hire.
  • Risk Management
    Helping to identify, assess, and mitigate risks, ensuring a secure and compliant AI adoption.
Why Execuro?
Hiring at Top-speed
Typically, the executive hiring process takes 4 to 14 months to find a suitable candidate to cover senior leadership roles. Execuro covers similar roles with fractional executives within days, covering the gap until the full-time employee is hired.
No strings attached
Fractional executives drive business objectives within set project milestones and objectives and do not require complex executive benefits and long negotiation cycles. Until you decide for it.
5-10x Cost Reduction
Fractional executives join your team on a part-time basis from 2h/week to 3d/week driving your team results bringing their expertise and network without a long learning curve, saving expenses on executives by up to 90% while achieving objectives.
Fractional Executives advantages
Engage fractional executives for specific durations and scopes, optimizing cost-efficiency and aligning resources to your needs
Tap into experienced C-suite, VP, and director-level executives for strategic guidance
Benefit from diverse backgrounds and expertise to foster innovation, challenge conventional thinking, and drive business growth
How we work
Identify Challenges
We support an organization in formulating a Status Quo and challenges that must be addressed throughout the engagement using Execuro Value-Based Framework.
Match Profile
We provide 2-3 best suitable Fractional Executive profiles for your choice. We thoroughly follow Execuro's strict security and data protection measures and provide transparent data on suggested profiles.
Provide Outcomes
Our CTOs address stated challenges and leave consistent artifacts: product roadmap, KPI, SWOT, etc. Which follows with the onboarding of the leadership team to the new outcomes.
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